5AM Prayers - Tue, 29th Nov 2022
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Rebirth rwc: 5AM Prayers - Tue, 29th Nov 2022


Published on: Tuesday, November 29, 2022

5AM Prayers - Tue, 29th Nov 2022

This is a morning prayer to guide and protect you for the day’s tasks ahead.

You will be able to focus your time and attention on seeking GOD’S plan for each day.

Prayer in the morning gives you direction to where you need to go so you can achieve your goals.

When you wake up in the morning, your mental abilities function at their peak, so prayers in the morning refresh and recharge your soul.

GOD will be happy with you when you look up to HIM for the day’s task ahead.

Morning prayers are an opportunity to get closer to GOD and thank HIM for HIS unquenchable love, blessings, breakthroughs healing etc.

When you wake up in the morning to pray to GOD, you pray with confidence and keep your eyes open for HIS answers.

In other words, do not be afraid when you are praying to GOD especially in the morning. According to the Book of Isaiah 41:10, the LORD says, “Fear not, for I AM with you; be not dismayed, for I AM Your GOD; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with MY righteous right hand”

Rest assured that prayers in the morning lead GOD our CREATOR to guide and protect you throughout the day. HE loves you and HE wants the best for you, so praying in the morning reminds GOD of HIS promises to you.

The first thing to pray about in the morning is to thank GOD and be grateful to HIM for all that HE did for you the day before, confess and the plead for the forgiveness of all your sins both the ones you committed knowingly and unknowingly.

Please note that early morning prayers for your family are always very effective, so remember to pray for your family...for HIS protection from all forms of evil attacks.

The next prayers after praying for your family is to pray for your career/business.

Ask GOD every day for HIS leadership and power to do your job.
Talk to GOD in confidence about any challenges you are facing in your office or place of work. 

What are the benefits of praying for the day in the morning

The number one benefit of praying for the day when you wake up in the morning is that it enhances your decision making process for the day. 

Prayer will guide you from taking wrong decisions that will affect your daily activities.

Praying for the new day in the morning eliminates worry, fear, anxiety, and confusion.

Prayers in the morning relieve anxiety and stress and grant clarity of mind to position yourself for the daily task ahead.

When you pray in the morning for the day, you invite GOD into your activities.

GOD will be your BOSS throughout the day. 

HE will direct your path to success.

Prayers conducted in the morning before any activities gives you abundant energy to work through the challenges of the day.

You will possess extra ordinary zeal to work at your optimum peak.

When you pray in the morning it enables you to focus on the tasks for the day giving you all round success in all your activities.


Rebirthrwc is a non-denominational Christian ministry. We are a group of women called by God, with the understanding that our callings are birthed through prayer. The purpose of Rebirthrwc is to give women a chance to live a transformed life by building a relationship with Jesus Christ and other Christian women. In awe of God’s love for us and immeasurable power towards us, we believe in the coming together of women who know God has treasures imbibed in them and pray to the delivering of these treasures. 

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