Singapore Street Food Ramadan Night Market 2019
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DancingBacons: Singapore Street Food Ramadan Night Market 2019


Published on: Saturday, May 4, 2019

Singapore Street Food Ramadan Night Market 2019

The biggest annual night market bazaar in Singapore has started again til the 5th of June 2019 with lots of unique street foods

All the food over there this year are Halal

Address: Geylang Seri, Singapore


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  • ์กฐ์€ํฌ


     2 days ago

    Rindu sekali Singapore makanan.. em...

  • Muhammed Bilal

    Muhammed Bilal

     4 days ago

    Any mallu?

  • homesteader downunder Australia.

    homesteader downunder Australia.

     1 weeks ago

    Thank you for shering your video from Michelle Australia looks yummy

  • Herdi Void

    Herdi Void

     1 weeks ago

    19:46 bagaimana caranya untuk melumpuhkan kerasnya hatimu, D'Masiv right.....

  • Brian Phillip Stewart

    Brian Phillip Stewart

     1 weeks ago

    burger man made that with dirty hands

  • cheesesmiles


     1 weeks ago

    Singapore's prices are just like the US lol when I travel there I'll keep it mind I won't be saving much money ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Amy Unicorn Jane

    Amy Unicorn Jane

     2 weeks ago

    19:12 chicken floss? I know itโ€™s a different country and they probably used a crappy translator.

  • jesica devi

    jesica devi

     2 weeks ago

    you should go to Teh Pucuk Food Festival in indonesia. its highly recommended food in indonesia

  • Aftersex Highfives

    Aftersex Highfives

     3 weeks ago +1

    Can't believe the delicious looking burger was nearly the same price as those sad pancakes.

  • Retsuki


     3 weeks ago

    Waoo they are so pricey.......

  • Cosmic Tranquility

    Cosmic Tranquility

     1 months ago

    that's not cheese if it doesn't melt.. kinda scary lol

  • Anne Corey

    Anne Corey

     1 months ago

    You love your foods very good healthy foods you want to eat a little less you too fat all ready know you love them all thank you

  • Nixan Anuar

    Nixan Anuar

     1 months ago

    Surprisingly if you bought food at hawker center the price is not that expensive. They mark up the price because they selling it at bazaar during Ramadan.

  • rabid rabbitshuggers

    rabid rabbitshuggers

     2 months ago

    Ah I see they jacked up the prices on national binge night.

  • Mimi 83

    Mimi 83

     2 months ago +1

    The pterodactyl wings on a stick was a no for me

  • Sharon Sharn

    Sharon Sharn

     2 months ago

    Well for people Thats complaining about the boba pancakes. In my country we have 3 pancakes for about 11 dollars. All the food here is very cheap compared to where i come from.

  • Elizabth Harris

    Elizabth Harris

     2 months ago

    So, do you choose which stall by how busy they are?
    And a bucket of liquid. Bathroom break anyone. Lol

  • ๅฎฎๆœฌๆกœ


     2 months ago

    ้‚ฃๅ€‹้ฌ†้ค…ไนŸๅคช่ฒด.........็ซŸ็„ถๆฏ”ๅฐ็ฃๅพ— ่ˆ’่Š™่•พ ้‚„่ฒด....

  • missy ameella

    missy ameella

     2 months ago

    Boba pancake to expensive... Convert to malaysia ringgit.. Rm 30 ++ ..

  • ReverieReo


     2 months ago

    the way he making that burger looks so sad.