Old Rusty Hunting Knife RESTORATION
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Random Hands: Old Rusty Hunting Knife RESTORATION


Published on: Saturday, April 13, 2019

Old Rusty Hunting Knife RESTORATION

I got that knife from my friend's old junk collection, this guard-less knife was really in bad condition having a lot of scratches on blade and a broken wooden handle with a rat-tailed tang which was really in a bad condition which i changed later in video. I restore and transform that knife into a beautiful piece. We put a lot of effort to make that knife beautiful and useful. I made a sheath for this knife in the video. so I hope you like our effort in this video.
We made this just for fun we are not promoting any kind weapons so guys just sit back relax and enjoy the video.

I love the Brass and you guys can see cast brass looks really enchanting in the handle.
Some of viewers just hate me to much because of using brass but its my skill so i want to work on the things i am good to do so guys watch the videos just for fun.

Old Rusty Hunting Knife RESTORATION
I hope you guys like this restoration project.

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