DJI Mavic 3 Classic Flying Along the River Shore
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Blueskyver: DJI Mavic 3 Classic Flying Along the River Shore


Published on: Wednesday, November 30, 2022

DJI Mavic 3 Classic Flying Along the River Shore

Video recording Thursday, November 24th, 2022, a sunny autumn morning.

I drove to the west island south-river shore, using a small park over a grassy pier as a home point, right next to the 2nd marina, providing an excellent line of sight to both riverside directions.

I took off and flew eastward, passing over the 2nd marina, getting above the 1st Marina, and continuing further. After a while yawed 180 degrees and started returning back, flying along the riverside toward the take-off point.

After passing above the 2d marina continued flying westward, until reaching the small residential peninsula and continued further.

Then yawed 180 degrees, to watch the panorama, flew back eastward to the home point, and landed on the apron.

This was the perfect autumn flight over this area and I was delighted.

DJI's Mavic 3 Classic is a very reliable, smooth flyer. It is very responsive and precise to the control sticks, and is a high-speed, robust quad, with outstanding video recording capabilities. Its communication link is reliable, and its remote-FPV image is crisp.

At 50 m of altitude, the wind was breezing at 8 Kph, with gusts of up to 17 Kph, and the ground temperature was -1 deg C (30 deg F).

The Mavic 3 FPV (First Person View) camera was set on HLG-10 bit color mode at 5.1K/30 FPS.

The GoPro 7 Black video camera was RPV (Remote Person View) recording at 4K/30FPS mounted on my hat.

Note: the SanDisk Extreme 256GB microSDXC UHS-I, Memory Card, with Read Up to 190MB/s, and Write up to 130MB/s, was used, sourced from Amazon - SDSQXAV-256G-GN6MN

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