Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED
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WIRED: Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED


Published on: Monday, April 23, 2018

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED

Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield helps debunk (and confirm!) some common myths about space. Is there any sound in space? Does space smell like burnt steak? Is NASA working on warp speed?

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED


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  • DettaEve Bites

    DettaEve Bites

     12 minutes ago

    why does this guy look like Thoughty2 grandpa?

  • CthulhuFhtagn


     14 minutes ago

    Actually, if you do travel at 100% lightspeed you will experience no time. The only problem is that's impossible because physics.
    Edit: He also forgot to point out that continuous acceleration will also simulate gravity, in this case towards the back of the spaceship.
    Edit again: The Alcubierre bubble drive functions as a sort of warp drive, allowing speeds that are technically far faster than light. It has problems concerning building one, but it could technically exist.

  • Péter Vörös

    Péter Vörös

     2 hours ago

    Me: starts video

    Chris Hadfield ad: Hello there

  • StandUp DontSitWithoutAChair

    StandUp DontSitWithoutAChair

     2 hours ago +1

    5:15 so, alien communication would be impossible through radiowaves. Also, if there are alien planets, distance divided by speed of light tells us that we see something farther away at a. Earlier time. Example, if we see a planet that is 1 million light years away, depending on the speed light travels is how old It would be, so if someone 1 billion lightyears away was looking at us, they would only see the start of the universe.

  • basketballboy24


     2 hours ago

    I was gonna watch but then he said a can of pop and I left

  • osama bin laden

    osama bin laden

     3 hours ago

    Why does chris look like an old adolf hitler

  • Frank M

    Frank M

     3 hours ago

    Isint everything insulated? So their is no way for the smell to go in...right?

  • Zsombor Földesi

    Zsombor Földesi

     3 hours ago

    I got an ad with chris hadfield in it to this video.

  • Mitch Batten

    Mitch Batten

     5 hours ago

    He hasn’t been to space, just higher than the average Joe. The smell he is referring to in a spacewalk is likely ozone.

  • Finnix Lau

    Finnix Lau

     8 hours ago

    My ad was the same guy as him

  • Billy Mehaffey

    Billy Mehaffey

     8 hours ago

    NASA documents admit to a flat, non rotating earth on page 108 line 16 Abstract

  • A Hannam

    A Hannam

     8 hours ago

    What i would like to know if sound don't travel in space what are all these radio telescopes listening to?

  • Davie Scott

    Davie Scott

     10 hours ago

    By 'burnt' steak you mean anything over rare, right?

  • Alf 42069

    Alf 42069

     11 hours ago

    The ad was about him

  • YuzuKen


     11 hours ago

    I got ad that also has this guy lol

  • Milk Shake

    Milk Shake

     14 hours ago +1


    ”I must go, my people need me”

  • Z


     15 hours ago

    Thank you Chris



     16 hours ago +1

    smells like space spirit

  • Eric Marasco

    Eric Marasco

     18 hours ago

    I am a little confused, if there is no sound in space, how could we communicate with people on the moon? There is no way for the signal to move across space between Earth and the moon? And.. if sound cannot travel in space, then hyperspeed is possible, there is no resistance preventing travel out of our atmosphere. This would mean that any energy used would not be lost, additional energy continuously expended would increase speed with no loss. How the F would hot or cold travel? I am SO CONFUSED!

  • Traon Ally

    Traon Ally

     19 hours ago

    I saw a add about Space and Chris Hadfield was in it on this video anybody else saw it was called MasterClass maybe some kind of app i think