Ellen Degeneres Can't Recover From This...
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TheSpotlight: Ellen Degeneres Can't Recover From This...


Published on: Saturday, June 20, 2020

Ellen Degeneres Can't Recover From This...

Ellen Degeneres Can't Recover From This...

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Ellen EXPOSED That She's Mean!:


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The Titi Pierce Lawsuit

In a wild June 2016 lawsuit, a Georgia-based real estate agent named Titi Pierce sued Ellen for making a silly joke about her name. During the "What's Wrong With These Ads... and These Signs?" segment on Ellen’s show, Ellen jokingly called her quote on quote. Soon after, Titi Pierce took legal action against Ellen. In Titi’s lawsuit, she made it her mission to point out that her name was pronounced "Tee Tee." The distraught woman claimed that she faced harassment after the episode of Ellen making fun of her aired. Federal Judge Leslie J. Abrams had other ideas in mind, saying that "Prior to the defendant's misdeeds, Titi had been called only by her name 'Titi,' which, as grammar dictates, is pronounced 'TEE TEE'".

Absolutely none of this sounded like "tee-tee" to the judge, who quickly threw out the case in 2017. Judge Abrams said the title of the segment indicated there was something "entertaining" about all the featured signage, and that "the letter 'i' in the English language can be pronounced several ways." The judge argued that, under the circumstances, it wouldn't "have been defamatory to have pronounced Plaintiff's name "'tī-tī' or 'tĭ- tĭ,' or any other possible permutation." Following the judgment, Ellen producers told TheWrap they "never intend to hurt anyone's feelings." Even if that person is named Titi.

Record Label lawsuits

Speaking of lawsuits, back in 2009, the New York Post reported The Ellen DeGeneres Show had bopped its way into legal hot water by not clearing "well over one thousand sound recordings owned or controlled" by big-league record companies like EMI, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Group." Now, all these companies were banding together like the Avengers to sue the show for failing to get permission for featured songs like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and the Beach Boys' 1966 classic "Good Vibrations".

The Ellen show's producers said they cleared the song's permissions with publishers but "consciously" didn't ask the record companies. When asked their reasoning behind this, producers just said that they didn't "roll that way” which is a defense statement I wish I could use.

Ellen exposes Portia De Rossi

While Ellen has plenty of close friends, her main best friend is (of course) her wife, Portia de Rossi, who hit the big time when she starred on the comedy series, Arrested Development. Portia has said that Ellen completely “took her breath away” when she first met her. She even said that “my knees were weak”. Something out of a love story.

The Dog Adoption Problem

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi came to Marina's store in Pasadena and saw a dog they were interested in adopting. Her name was Tasha. Tasha had not been cat-tested, and Ellen has two cats, so Marina decided to let them take Tasha home for the afternoon to see how she would get along with Ellen's other animals.

Ellen's Anaconda Parody

Minaj is no stranger to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as evidenced by multiple appearances on the show. Host Ellen DeGeneres is also no stranger to mimicking Minaj, as evidenced by multiple parodies over the years.

The Katy Perry Tweet

Her heart was in the right place, but perhaps her eyes weren't. In 2017, Ellen came under fire for a birthday tweet she sent out to Katy Perry that said, "Happy Birthday, @KatyPerry! It's time to bring out the big balloons."

The Kathy Griffin Feud

It’s safe to say that Kathy Griffin and Ellen Degeneres don’t exactly agree with each other’s views. However, as tension sparked between the two activists, a feud arose.

The Ellen Design Challenge

Well, there was a short-lived victory for furniture designer Tim McLellan. Hopefully he didn’t already spend that $100,000 prize money.

Ellen's gambling side

Aside from that, you don’t typically see on TV is her being an avid poker fanatic. It is quite common to hear about celebrities playing poker games every now and then.

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