Gelato Vending Machine
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DancingBacons: Gelato Vending Machine


Published on: Thursday, May 2, 2019

Gelato Vending Machine

Found a couple of this bright and colorful vending machine popping around town.

It like a vacuum cleaner hose that sucks up the gelato cup to dispense you


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  • Lazy Otaku

    Lazy Otaku

     6 days ago

    I don’t like how the strawberry one looks like some girl had her period on it....

  • Victoria Gonzalez

    Victoria Gonzalez

     1 weeks ago

    That's such a cute adorable tiny chibi spoon arrrghh it's so cute and a tiny ice cream cup

  • Swusie Quesie

    Swusie Quesie

     1 weeks ago

    Gelato machine spelled cu**ing wrong 😆😆

  • Swusie Quesie

    Swusie Quesie

     1 weeks ago

    My teeth hurt just looking at how cold that is lol

  • Dacharr Krom

    Dacharr Krom

     1 weeks ago

    bruh does he finish everything he tries?

  • Larry Laffer

    Larry Laffer

     1 weeks ago

    Funny enough I have seen these things stateside. They utitilise this design so the machines can use bog standard deep freezers rather than an overly complicated freezing system. The vacuum based grabbing apparatus is the most complex part of the machine really.

  • Mustang3813


     1 weeks ago

    I’ve had a strain of weed called gelato

  • Gupta Technical Tips

    Gupta Technical Tips

     1 weeks ago

    I want to buy this machine from where I can b uy

  • Gupta Technical Tips

    Gupta Technical Tips

     1 weeks ago

    Can anyone please tell me i am from idia

  • Yoel Adinata

    Yoel Adinata

     2 weeks ago +4

    Cotton candy : taste like cotton candy
    Earl grey : really taste like earl grey
    Apple pie : yup taste like apple pie

    This guy make my day

  • Steve10578


     2 weeks ago

    4:46 - Captain Picards favourite no doubt. LOL.

  • Matthew Giron

    Matthew Giron

     2 weeks ago

    I'm coming too great slogan no lies lol

  • AnubisGodess 23

    AnubisGodess 23

     2 weeks ago

    There's so many interesting vending machines! If you ever find one with Bao or just a store with lots of steamed buns can you cover them? Pork buns are my favorite.🤤

  • •Eevii Playz•

    •Eevii Playz•

     3 weeks ago

    i’m coming

  • Tatyellen Gomes

    Tatyellen Gomes

     1 months ago

    I really wanted to see the yuzu lychee... 😣

  • Trang Huyền

    Trang Huyền

     1 months ago


  • Ryan Tan

    Ryan Tan

     1 months ago +1

    I tried this ice cream before

  • Lurosis Celest

    Lurosis Celest

     1 months ago

    Miss read the title as ghetto vending machine

  • Alex Brands

    Alex Brands

     1 months ago +1

    Народ уже помешался на наборах обедов в офис с доставкой и вендинговых машинах!! Скоро уже жопу роботы будут вытирать!!😝🍥😝

  • Edo Wiryadisurya

    Edo Wiryadisurya

     1 months ago