Why I Believe Alissa Violet (FaZe Banks Cheating)
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TehMimi: Why I Believe Alissa Violet (FaZe Banks Cheating)


Published on: Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Why I Believe Alissa Violet (FaZe Banks Cheating)

FaZe Banks has cheated on Alissa Violet, and twitter held a lot of proof to back up Alissa's claims. People have shared on twitter videos of FaZe dancing with another girl without Alisssa in sight, and old tweets back up Alissa's claims of FaZe breaking her phones.

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  • Byy Aquas

    Byy Aquas

     5 hours ago

    I’m gonna go to Hollywood and expose everyone that is garbage not genuine people

  • iluxxchim C

    iluxxchim C

     17 hours ago +1

    so after they broke up he still decides to sleep with girls I-

  • Lærke Jørgensen

    Lærke Jørgensen

     1 days ago

    Alissa deserves better, she hasn’t done anything wrong🤬

  • Tim McGlone

    Tim McGlone

     1 days ago

    Its gonna suck to be your boyfriend if he ever fucks up. You make it seem so easy pointing out all the signs. The boy better stay on his toes

  • anastasia


     1 days ago

    gotta say it, Iv always hated everyone but alissa tbh

  • breetoldyouso


     2 days ago +1

    "If you were a cheating on her why did you buy her all those things??"
    That girl answered her own damn question. Like, c'mon now, where are those brain cells

  • TorrinVlogs


     2 days ago

    Im not a fan of any of these people but jfc I feel bad and feel for her and I've been in similar situations to Alyssa (but being a normal medium sized city boy) and I have to compliment on how u bleep shit out with metalocalypse censor

  • Iqxcy


     4 days ago

    I need that background music ASAP. It’s a vibe.

  • Dos Bros Gaming

    Dos Bros Gaming

     5 days ago

    my boy chasin that bag tho

  • Collusion


     6 days ago

    Why u got to point only the bad shit about banks tho

  • Animelytical


     6 days ago

    I mean...he looks like an eff-boy. Found it hard to believe that he wasn't. Especially when people with less opportunities do these things

  • Kelly Flynn

    Kelly Flynn

     6 days ago

    She's way to pretty for that dude..

  • big dick energy

    big dick energy

     6 days ago

    She needs to get somebody that doesn’t use her for clout poor baby :(

  • Sunshine.


     1 weeks ago

    the abuser part was right. i had an abusive dad who would abuse my mom, whenever i would go hang out with him during summer, he would always buy me things, and ipad, art supplies, and headphones. it made my little seven year old self like him more, when i would always tell my mom she was almost sad in a way. i didn’t realize he was trying to buy my affection until i was 10, and it really messed me up. thank you for being so informative in this video!

  • Katy Gomez

    Katy Gomez

     1 weeks ago

    She’s kinda fake though because she’s hangs out with tana mongeau jakes wife’s ** I don’t understand this girl

  • alejandra Garcia Rmz

    alejandra Garcia Rmz

     1 weeks ago

    Guys like banks are really just trash, those that really are just into looks and materialism, you can tell.

  • autvxy _

    autvxy _

     1 weeks ago


  • xxxPiaxxx xpx

    xxxPiaxxx xpx

     1 weeks ago

    So was meg right?

  • KotoniCorgi


     1 weeks ago

    what is with these beautiful yt women always dating the ugliest (emotionally AND physically) white dudebros? SIS WHY ARE YOUR STANDARDS SO LOW???

  • katiya jimenez

    katiya jimenez

     1 weeks ago

    stfu delete yo acct.