Festung Posen: Fort Waldersee (Abandoned Fort Exploration Tour)
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Madras Arsenal: Festung Posen: Fort Waldersee (Abandoned Fort Exploration Tour)


Published on: Friday, November 25, 2022

Festung Posen: Fort Waldersee (Abandoned Fort Exploration Tour)

Military History enthusiasts need to see this fort. It was built between 1878–1881 and damaged in World War II during the Battle of Poznan. Later partially demolished by the Russian backed government. Fort IVa was fortified by German soldiers during World War II and sat close to the Warta River. This fort still bears the scars of that battle as the brickwork is riddled with machine gun and artillery holes. This is such an important piece of history that should be preserved. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video.

Fort V

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