Why It's Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Cork in Tricking | WIRED
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WIRED: Why It's Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Cork in Tricking | WIRED


Published on: Thursday, October 24, 2019

Why It's Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Cork in Tricking | WIRED

Tricking is a sport with roots in martial arts and elements of tumbling and breakdancing mixed in. The quadruple cork is tricking's ultimate feat: an off-axis backflip combined with four rotations in the air on a separate axis. WIRED's Robbie Gonzalez spoke with some of the best trickers in the world to find out how they do it, what makes it so hard, and whether anyone will ever manage to pull off a quint.

Special thanks to Adrenaline Worldwide. Check out more tricking videos at:

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Why It's Almost Impossible to Do a Quintuple Cork in Tricking | WIRED

Source: https://youtu.be/n0Z_JYsuH6M

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     17 hours ago

    lets be honest its gonna be shosei iwamoto

    edit: he did a quad cork on a scoot

  • dirt boy720

    dirt boy720

     2 days ago

    I do tricking

  • STSGuitar16


     2 days ago

    they should be called tricksters not trickers man wtf missed a golden opportunity

  • Colin Miller

    Colin Miller

     3 days ago

    Just yell Ninjago!

  • Alexander Nieves

    Alexander Nieves

     4 days ago

    Hyuga niggas be like

  • Aaidantube


     4 days ago

    Tanner braugardt basically made tricking a thing

  • Trix Brix

    Trix Brix

     5 days ago

    Capoeira, Taekkyon, Taekwondo, Chinese Long-Boxing, Engolo, Juego de manì. YOU GUYS GOT SIMILAR EXAMPLES?, PLEASE REPLY WITH THOSE

  • Rufio the Janitor

    Rufio the Janitor

     1 weeks ago

    01:44 Johnny Knoxville anyone?

  • Carlo Vicente

    Carlo Vicente

     1 weeks ago

    I guess its treason then.

  • still cryinq

    still cryinq

     1 weeks ago +1

    Okay time to study shosei

  • Deku :D

    Deku :D

     1 weeks ago

    Use to escape Bakugou

  • stefan sauvageon

    stefan sauvageon

     1 weeks ago

    That looks like gymnastics, hip hop, or tumbling

  • MrEagle


     1 weeks ago +2

    This video: exists
    Shosei: This is absolute comedy

  • Green Goblin

    Green Goblin

     2 weeks ago

    One hit wonder

  • Phonixz


     2 weeks ago

    shosei should have gotten a bit more recognition in this video, but this is a great coverage of my sport and we are all so happy that it is getting this exposure.

  • Trinity Frank

    Trinity Frank

     2 weeks ago

    No one:
    Me at 11 years old pretending to do interpretive dancing: 3:43

  • Matthieu Schwendler

    Matthieu Schwendler

     2 weeks ago


  • -_


     2 weeks ago

    The trick is to trick so that the tricking can become less trick than before, so what Im sayin is that,you,gotta trick to trick to get the tric right

  • Lets Learn Tricking

    Lets Learn Tricking

     2 weeks ago

    Despite how well these videos represent and describe the sport they’re kinda redundant as the whole video can be summed up by saying “because its really hard”

  • Andreas Egemose Gregersen

    Andreas Egemose Gregersen

     2 weeks ago +1

    Do one about swimming