Rap Radar: Drake
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Drake: Rap Radar: Drake


Published on: Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Rap Radar: Drake

Source: https://youtu.be/mmsasEoupO4

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  • Sandrine Lawson

    Sandrine Lawson

     5 hours ago

    Champagne papi is articulate 😍

  • Makiyn Tate

    Makiyn Tate

     6 hours ago

    NWTS def was FIRE

  • Anthony Nero

    Anthony Nero

     6 hours ago

    Took me a while but finished watching it

  • Fernando Howard

    Fernando Howard

     8 hours ago

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

  • Jean TheWriter

    Jean TheWriter

     8 hours ago

    It’s amazing how Drake doesn’t feel (at least it kinda seems) like he doesn’t get praised enough-or the credit he deserves-and still wants more.

  • Saadiq C.

    Saadiq C.

     8 hours ago

    Wale been on afrobeats tho

  • Mohammad Abdulaal

    Mohammad Abdulaal

     9 hours ago

    When is this going to end ...... im loosing it

  • Lyricist Right Here

    Lyricist Right Here

     10 hours ago

    "you make alotta good music with rick ross, you know, "Bury me In The Grave""....

  • Darielle Brisbane

    Darielle Brisbane

     12 hours ago

    19:09 man....

  • saul Batres

    saul Batres

     13 hours ago

    19:08- RIP Kobe Bryant

  • Future Cameron

    Future Cameron

     14 hours ago

    19:09 RIP KOBE.

  • auttummjor


     16 hours ago

    Damn so he didn’t mention Jarule wow

  • Aryan Reddy

    Aryan Reddy

     17 hours ago

    look closely at 55:00 does he have contact lenses on?

  • GaTrademarkz


     19 hours ago

    This interview is great. Drake droppin hella jewels. His tenure in the game shines on this. Homie definitely changed the game which goes without saying 🦉

  • 439988 1

    439988 1

     19 hours ago


  • Alberto Cardenas

    Alberto Cardenas

     22 hours ago

    19:07 Mamba 💔🐍

  • Derek Williams

    Derek Williams

     1 days ago

    RIP KOBE 🐐

  • clearisa26trinidad


     1 days ago

    Lol how cute..
    Meet alot of bbw..

  • João Costa

    João Costa

     1 days ago

    did he spoke about her relation with Jorja Smith and 21 Savage?????

  • Megan Figueroa

    Megan Figueroa

     1 days ago

    I wonder where his heart is. He looks so flashy now. I had a crush on him when he was nerdy on Degrassi. Now he looks like a fuck boy