iPad air 5 vs M1 iPad Pro don't WASTE your money!
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Patrick Rambles: iPad air 5 vs M1 iPad Pro don't WASTE your money!


Published on: Sunday, May 8, 2022

iPad air 5 vs M1 iPad Pro don't WASTE your money!

We are pitting the iPad Air vs iPad Pro! Should you get the M1 iPad Air 2022 or the M1 iPad Pro? When we compare all features, which is better? iPad Air m1 vs iPad Pro M1?

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Compass Pro low angle iPad stand: https://geni.us/jLQjpqF

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Favorite Thunderbolt Hubs:
Caldigit TS3 plus THUNDERBOLT dock - https://geni.us/GItTO
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Samsung T5 - https://geni.us/EymQ
Samsung T7 - https://geni.us/SvAf9B
Samsung X5 - Sansung T5 - https://geni.us/EymQ
Lacie Rugged - https://geni.us/QrIs
Sandisk Extreme - https://geni.us/LOGGW
Sandisk Extreme pro - https://geni.us/A5tdL6

I've tested all of these drives:
https://www.201tube.tv/watch/XQwndaoFGDk (T7, Lacie, Sandisk Pro)
https://www.201tube.tv/watch/OMwToXdoZZU (T5, T7, Sandisk Extreme)

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