Rhett & Link Explore Their Impact on the Internet | Data of Me | WIRED
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WIRED: Rhett & Link Explore Their Impact on the Internet | Data of Me | WIRED


Published on: Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Rhett & Link Explore Their Impact on the Internet | Data of Me | WIRED

What kind of impact have Rhett & Link had on the internet? WIRED combs the web for data about Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal and presents all the information to them. Can Rhett & Link guess what their three most popular YouTube videos are? How many Google results appear when you search their names? In what year were Rhett & Link the most popular?

Rhett & Link’s latest book, The Lost Causes of Bleak Creak, is available now wherever books are sold.

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Rhett & Link Explore Their Impact on the Internet | Data of Me | WIRED

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  • Maritza


     2 days ago

    what. why is link hot

  • Potterfanz


     2 days ago

    What was the music used in the intro?

  • Camden Matsumoto

    Camden Matsumoto

     3 days ago

    I live in Tennessee lol

  • Kenny Barrera

    Kenny Barrera

     6 days ago

    hahaha I have never, never realized Link's glasses color! ever!

  • Sanaa Broadway

    Sanaa Broadway

     1 weeks ago

    The Panic! At The Disco guy 😂😂😂

  • Zoe's Zoo

    Zoe's Zoo

     1 weeks ago

    Link's eyes are so beautiful

  • JoJo Porter

    JoJo Porter

     1 weeks ago

    link's insecurity makes him more annoying and thus less interesting. that being said, theres no gmm without him. but yea. its annoying

  • justdarylyeung


     1 weeks ago

    Are they still relevant?

  • No One

    No One

     2 weeks ago


  • Keren icehand

    Keren icehand

     2 weeks ago

    They are awesome💜👍😂

  • Alana Franklin

    Alana Franklin

     2 weeks ago

    Who spent unnecessary money on ugly mythical shoes and loved them

  • Mat Sosa

    Mat Sosa

     2 weeks ago

    Idk if they did this on purpose, they must have, but both of their outfits PERFECTLY match their characteristics. Rhett’s shirt is the color of his beard and hair. Link’s shirts are blue and white and it matches his eyes which are very blue and his hair...which is very white lol it’s not a bad thing but🤷🏽‍♂️ just sayin

  • Leira Bird

    Leira Bird

     2 weeks ago

    Rhett's beard is highly attractive. He looks like could kick your butt but would do it while eating a donut and laughing at his own humor.

  • Talsong Kingslayer

    Talsong Kingslayer

     2 weeks ago

    Rhett, what is with your hair? I kind of like if but I'm not use to it haha

  • nora


     2 weeks ago

    i keep thinking the background music is break my stride🤔

  • Lindsey Hany

    Lindsey Hany

     2 weeks ago

    the fact that link can’t not make fun of rhett in one video has me dead😂😂😂

  • donivan oof

    donivan oof

     3 weeks ago

    glad they know that brendon urie is the only one left in panic! at the disco

  • Soggi_Pancakes


     3 weeks ago

    Rhett looks like a hitch hiker love him do

  • Kana Beats

    Kana Beats

     3 weeks ago

    I'm always so curious about the massive spikes on their relevance and they never show what they are

  • Rosat- San

    Rosat- San

     3 weeks ago

    Sandwich was probably because of your ice cream sandwich job in I'm on Vacation.