Full Reveal & Gameplay - Nokk & Warden - 6News Live - Rainbow Six Siege
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coreross: Full Reveal & Gameplay - Nokk & Warden - 6News Live - Rainbow Six Siege


Published on: Sunday, May 19, 2019

Full Reveal & Gameplay - Nokk & Warden - 6News Live - Rainbow Six Siege

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  • Vicky Koulouri

    Vicky Koulouri

     7 months ago

    imagine an operator having the ability to see through walls like warden s glasses see through flash and smoke

  • Funktionary


     7 months ago

    Nøkk's design actually looks more like the frogman corps than the jæger corps...

  • BreadWinnerJay


     8 months ago

    Y are they like copper 4s on controller and level 0s on pc. I just started playing on pc 2 days ago and I’m like 100x better than them😂😂

  • The420 Jamaican

    The420 Jamaican

     8 months ago

    5:28 actually shows how hit detection is broken in there “new” operator full reveal & gameplay,
    Fix the game

  • Lube Miller

    Lube Miller

     8 months ago

    Was gonna read the comments but it’s just everyone bitching about no new guns 🤦🏻‍♂️ who cares don’t like the weapons don’t play them. They both are gonna be kind of situational at best tbh.

  • Kitten Dream

    Kitten Dream

     8 months ago

    They took away the window that looks into reading and has a view to 3rd floor... I don't know how I feel about that. 😓 Also, the new barricades look... Childish? It's like if someone were making a cute Siege comic and they just put a half-assed 'x' just so you know it's a barricade. I really want to know what they're doing to Kanal now

  • DonJason


     8 months ago

    what happened to nokk's galil?

  • Autis Medic

    Autis Medic

     8 months ago

    The panel host is so awkward

  • CallMeZero.


     8 months ago

    I feel like we should still be able to hear her footsteps

  • Walurus Walurus

    Walurus Walurus

     8 months ago


  • Kris Hellmich

    Kris Hellmich

     8 months ago

    I jist bought the glaz elite and now they bring out a hard counter for him and make him shit thanks ubi

  • EliteHunting1911


     8 months ago

    I thought she was supposed to be "cute". Looks fucking terrifying to me.

  • Holden Cazes

    Holden Cazes

     8 months ago

    Holy cow, she is so awkward compared to the guy that used to do the reveals... found myself constantly cringing with her comments and jokes she would make

  • Caylum Butler

    Caylum Butler

     8 months ago

    The interviewer annoys me, idk why

  • Da Heheheheheheh Chinese mane toy you stupide

    Da Heheheheheheh Chinese mane toy you stupide

     8 months ago

    They really cheaped out this season goddamn it’s bad

  • ee koon chew

    ee koon chew

     8 months ago +1

    Blitz: I can flash and melee you

    Warden: I'm gonna end this man's whole career.

  • Waail Elchami

    Waail Elchami

     8 months ago

    So vigil and caveria got married and had a daughter called nokk

  • kor9


     8 months ago

    So Nøkk is pretty much a combination and ATK version of cav and vigil

  • Mouldy


     8 months ago +5




    Warden: Im gonna end this mans whole career

  • Steve Silvasi

    Steve Silvasi

     8 months ago

    What the fuck??? No more secure area for ranked???