We Draw the New Map of Europe
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Smosh Games: We Draw the New Map of Europe


Published on: Tuesday, December 10, 2019

We Draw the New Map of Europe

We draw the new map of Europe, and trust me— it's never looked better.

Our Final Map: https://smo.sh/europemap
CallMeCarson's video: https://www.201tube.tv/watch/trj-k-vEuVo

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  • Art is cool i guess

    Art is cool i guess

     22 hours ago

    So I just had a map quiz of Europe, I’m traumatized.

  • Juni XOXO

    Juni XOXO

     3 days ago

    Idk if you know, but Scandinavia is in the north, Iceland is just a little bit more north, where the cold is yk. And why is pewdiepie not in Sweden?

  • Blake Mullins

    Blake Mullins

     4 days ago

    I wish Big Lion made a cameo

  • Jacobo Fiaño Álvarez

    Jacobo Fiaño Álvarez

     4 days ago

    You draw Spain very bad but Portugal Portugal its not anything like that

  • Deacon's BluBoard

    Deacon's BluBoard

     4 days ago

    Throughout the whole beginning of the video Shayne has a big “Mom can you come pick me up” energy

  • Danish K

    Danish K

     6 days ago

    Lazercorn carries this video

  • Magnus Nord

    Magnus Nord

     1 weeks ago

    They are pretty good

  • Gacha Fool

    Gacha Fool

     1 weeks ago +1

    the fact that these guys together act like children while garret is like a single father makes me laugh

  • Mountain Fresh

    Mountain Fresh

     1 weeks ago

    Hey guys what it this software called

  • Summer Acky

    Summer Acky

     1 weeks ago

    5:50 where’s france? (top left corner)

  • Mint_ Cat

    Mint_ Cat

     1 weeks ago

    gods four personalities creating Europe:

  • aeellerson 29

    aeellerson 29

     1 weeks ago

    I can picture them play Little Big Planet!

  • LucyLivesLife


     1 weeks ago +1

    Just quality time with the boys makin maps

  • Inesa Kiselyte

    Inesa Kiselyte

     1 weeks ago

    You forgot Baltic states :D

  • Gaby Bingham

    Gaby Bingham

     1 weeks ago

    I'm from Scotland like what did I just watch

  • Kritevit yt

    Kritevit yt

     1 weeks ago +1

    WHERES DENMARK!!?!?!!?!??!?1?!!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!!????!!?

  • Luna xoxo

    Luna xoxo

     1 weeks ago

    U forgot Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia

  • evan 108

    evan 108

     1 weeks ago

    Say gastly and put a quick pic of gengar

  • Ducky


     1 weeks ago

    Damn, callmecarson got on smosh before Lud. LuwidgWC

  • crunchypancake 210

    crunchypancake 210

     1 weeks ago

    You forgot belgium im from belgium
    But i saw damiens comment i understand♥️