Making a $500 Toyota Camry LOOK NEW AGAIN | Disaster Interior DETAIL
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Dm Details: Making a $500 Toyota Camry LOOK NEW AGAIN | Disaster Interior DETAIL


Published on: Friday, April 10, 2020

Making a $500 Toyota Camry LOOK NEW AGAIN | Disaster Interior DETAIL

Deep cleaning my recent purchase; the infamous $500 Toyota Camry. Checkout the results of this interior disaster detail. Tune into the next one to see a full exterior cleanup ( out now on the channel )

Products used can be found anywhere, but Amazon makes it convenient:

RYOBI 2,000 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer found here or Home depot:
Alternative Electric Pressure Washer:
Gas Pressure Washer:
Pressure Washing Gun:
Foam Cannon:
High-end Foam Cannon:

DA (EASY TO USE) Polisher:
Mini Rotary Polisher:
Best DA Polisher Kit for the $ :
My Favorite Pads: 2 Pack:
Fine Cut: Heavy Cut:

Meguiars Kit:
Budget Detail Kit (SOLID):
Chemical Guys Soap:
Griots Garage Soap:
Carnauba Wax:
Cheap Ceramic Coating:
Large Drying Towels:
Clay Mitt:
Wash Mitt:
Extended Reach Mitt:
Main Wheel Brush:
Wheel Well Brush:
Wheel cleaner:

Carpet Extractor:
Higher-end Bissel:
Strong Vacuum:
TurtleWax Upholstery Cleaner:
Pet Hair Removal:
Carpet solution (huge bottle):
Trim Pry Tools:

Steam Cleaner:
Automotive Magic Eraser
Standard Magic Erasers:
Foam Brushes:
Standard Microfiber Towels:
DRILL BRUSH set (best for the $):
Purple Power Degreaser:
Detail Brushes:

Drive Up Ramps:
Drill/ impact gun set:
Drill/other helpful tools:
My Tool Box/workbench:
Flash Light:
Led Lighting:
My Work Light:
Mechanic Tool Set:
Cheaper Tool Set:
Low Profile Jack:

(I'll receive a small commission from amazon for any purchase within 24 hours)

If you don't have amazon prime heres a free 30 day trial:

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