Every Year’s Most Popular Toy Since 1969 Explained | Each and Every | WIRED
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WIRED: Every Year’s Most Popular Toy Since 1969 Explained | Each and Every | WIRED


Published on: Monday, December 2, 2019

Every Year’s Most Popular Toy Since 1969 Explained | Each and Every | WIRED

Chris Bensch, chief curator at the Strong Museum of Play, delves into the backstories of each and every über-popular toy released over the last 50 years. In 1977 Star Wars action figures hit the market and revolutionized the toy industry. 1979's Atari 2600 popularized home video game consoles and 1995's Beanie Babies started one of the biggest collecting phenomenons we'd ever seen.

To learn more about the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, visit https://www.museumofplay.org/

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Every Year’s Most Popular Toy Since 1969 Explained | Each and Every | WIRED

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  • Luis Daniel Rivas Baguer

    Luis Daniel Rivas Baguer

     4 minutes ago

    Is it just me or that Technodog was made earlier.I was born in 1997 I am sure I saw a toy like that before

  • Paola Chavez

    Paola Chavez

     15 minutes ago

    What happened to the Nintendo ds?

  • thomas underfoot

    thomas underfoot

     17 minutes ago

    okay how is 2012 the Wii U which was a huge commercial failure, and yet 2017 is some random Walmart toy and not the smash success Nintendo Switch??

  • Connor Levers

    Connor Levers

     30 minutes ago

    Anyone else skip to the year they were born and then watched to get nostalgic?

  • Stephen Troyer

    Stephen Troyer

     35 minutes ago

    Guy looks like Mr Incredible's terrible boss.

  • Solstrike06


     1 hours ago

    ok this was a great video and I love how passionate the host is!

    But I feel like Tekno the Robot Puppy was at the wrong year? I had one in the 3rd Grade, brought it to show and tell and everyone thought it was so cool... but I was 20 years old in 2013.... something seems off here :O

  • symelex


     1 hours ago

    1971 - Weebles, a fun toy for kids with an actual purpose. 2014 - Zen Egg.

  • Nathan Cloud

    Nathan Cloud

     1 hours ago

    Who else here was bummed that he didn’t have an actual early bird certificate package

  • Sara Samaletdin

    Sara Samaletdin

     2 hours ago

    No Frozen toys or anything form the Disney Princess line? Or Cars franchise toys? And I think video games should have been in a separate video.

  • zion blount

    zion blount

     2 hours ago

    Cabbage patch kids was stolen ☹️

  • chunky dunky

    chunky dunky

     2 hours ago

    just looking at that razor scooter made my ankle bones hurt

  • Tara D.

    Tara D.

     2 hours ago

    This man brought me joy

  • shxnon


     2 hours ago

    The toys that made us?

  • Thomas Sturges-Allard

    Thomas Sturges-Allard

     2 hours ago

    26:18 Says Pokemon Cards but shows Topps Pokemon Stickers...

  • ABC


     2 hours ago

    What's your least favorite toy here. I absolutely detest Furbys and Hatchimals.

  • ABC


     3 hours ago

    13:05 Pretty disappointed that you didn't mention how the Cabbage Patch Kids was a stolen idea and the guy you see there is not the creator but a thief.
    Vice has a video on it here: The Secret History of Cabbage Patch Kids | American Obsessions

  • eric rolf

    eric rolf

     3 hours ago

    Where’s Transformers, Gi joe, Lego , and Barbie.



     3 hours ago

    This is my top five youtube videos I've ever watched. Chris loves his job and I'm happy for him for it

  • jay be

    jay be

     3 hours ago

    Decent list. However, no Transformers, c'mon that franchise has been big for 30 years! And Wii-U? nawh bro

  • Waggsmith YTP

    Waggsmith YTP

     3 hours ago

    also, the Wii U a success.....HA Ha Ha, that's funny.