Scientist Explains How Some People Need Only 4 Hours of Sleep | WIRED
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WIRED: Scientist Explains How Some People Need Only 4 Hours of Sleep | WIRED


Published on: Thursday, November 28, 2019

Scientist Explains How Some People Need Only 4 Hours of Sleep | WIRED

Researcher Ying-Hui Fu has found two rare genes that allow some people to be "natural short sleepers" who feel rested after a mere 4 or 5 hours per night. WIRED's Arielle Pardes sat down with Dr. Fu to discuss her findings.

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Scientist Explains How Some People Need Only 4 Hours of Sleep | WIRED


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     6 minutes ago

    it must be an asian gene without a doubt ... make babies with asian to make the world short sleepers ! (thus working 20hours a day !)

  • I Study

    I Study

     6 hours ago

    Hmm what about Aman dhattarwal, he's been sleeping for 4 hours for 4-5 years

  • brian clough

    brian clough

     8 hours ago

    *Engineering students have entered the chat *

  • Kyudo Kun

    Kyudo Kun

     9 hours ago

    We can all agree that Gamers tend to sleep less and wake up early. Thanks to videogames

  • Alicia Beckett

    Alicia Beckett

     13 hours ago

    Weird.... I feel more well rested on 6 hours then anything more. Maybe I contain these genes

  • Munseong Park

    Munseong Park

     13 hours ago

    Once more we are told that genes contribute much to the makings of a genius.

  • Reza Kian

    Reza Kian

     15 hours ago

    How can I get this disease? I would like to have that problem

  • Rahul Nair

    Rahul Nair

     16 hours ago

    Im guessing most gamers have this gene.

  • Jaqueline Ortega

    Jaqueline Ortega

     16 hours ago

    Wow I need like 10 hrs of sleep lol

  • Suryakant Sharma

    Suryakant Sharma

     16 hours ago

    X-men mutants entered the chat.



     17 hours ago

    But she is sleeping all day😐

  • 死野子遊助


     17 hours ago

    So, for the next D&D5e update, could we lower the long rest time?

  • Julius Newman

    Julius Newman

     18 hours ago

    She doesnt know what an alarm sounds like. Is short term memory loss a side effect of sleep deprivation?

  • Extremely Flammable

    Extremely Flammable

     20 hours ago

    If I need to do something, I can get about 4-6 hours and function perfectly, ie for school.

    If I don’t, I can still get up, but I’m too lazy to have such a long day so I sleep a lot longer.

    I function better on about 6 hours compared to something like 10, anyone else have something similar? Id love for everyone to reply here and tell me their sleeping habits haha :)

  • Cristian A

    Cristian A

     21 hours ago

    Idk... I used to sleep 8 hours... Now I sleep 5-6 and feel better than ever... Exercising at 5 a.m. helped a lot.
    5 hours of good sleep is better than 8 hours of cr*ppy ones

  • Patrick Lim

    Patrick Lim

     1 days ago

    Would love to hear Matthew Walker’s opinion on this

  • B4d7ss


     1 days ago

    I am one of these people

  • Myeah Malalis

    Myeah Malalis

     1 days ago

    Oh my god.

  • JooDa


     1 days ago

    I sleep 5-6 hours a day, np effect on my life still can do 28 hours gaming night :D

  • Riza Taufiqur Rohman

    Riza Taufiqur Rohman

     1 days ago

    In indonesia, sleep 6 hours is too much,,,

    We slep at average 11 pm an wake up at 4 am. Some people wake up at 3 am daily (including me)
    Nothing special...

    NB : I take a nap for 1 hours but it's not everyday...