B&W 802 D4 vs. KEF REF5 M
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OCD HI-Fi Guy: B&W 802 D4 vs. KEF REF5 M


Published on: Wednesday, October 5, 2022

B&W 802 D4 vs. KEF REF5 M

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Well heres a little comparison between some mainstream brands from a local HiFi seller in Buckhead ATL. GA named HiFi Buys.
I would say this is a store that sells the highly marketed brands of HiFi. This means they sell the manufacturers that do the MOST marketing, meaning they buy a LOT of advertising from the magazines and online and therefore are reviewed favorably nearly 100% of the time. This of course means they are not usually the REAL, TRUE AUDIOPHILE equipment, but rather the most well known with best resale value making them the most bought and then resold flotsam and jetsam in the marketplace.
This is a perfect example of what people are taught is good sound.. this analytical, dry, perfectly imaging, hardly engaging presentation of music. To many of us its BORING.
These types of audio are many times considered for the aesthetic LOOK over the sonic. As long as it sounds halfway decent and the Wife will approve the look then it gets purchased. This defines the MAINSTREAM.
So this is a good point of reference and learning piece for some of you.

Source: https://youtu.be/dAIXGKifsKE

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