Cardi B - Press [Official Music Video]
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Cardi B: Cardi B - Press [Official Music Video]


Published on: Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Cardi B - Press [Official Music Video]

Cardi B - Press
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Director: Jora Frantzis
Producer: Jay Tauzin
Exec Porducer: Kareem Johnson
Prod Co: OverScene
SVP of Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert
Digital Marketing: Anthony DePadua & Justin Grant

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  • May Thu Khin

    May Thu Khin

     48 minutes ago

    Someone pls tell me that those nipple stickers are not expensive

  • Isa Ray

    Isa Ray

     1 hours ago +1

    Producer : What dress do you want ?
    Cardi : dress dress dres dress dresss cardi don't need no dress

  • çøtñë çøtñë

    çøtñë çøtñë

     1 hours ago

    I love you babyy

  • Juan carlos y que pasa

    Juan carlos y que pasa

     1 hours ago +1

    Paresen putas

  • Andrea Santana

    Andrea Santana

     4 hours ago

    She think she better than everyone when she worse

  • Amanda Interpreter

    Amanda Interpreter

     5 hours ago

    Rihanna is richer than you

  • k


     5 hours ago

    ok but besides the jokes, this video was horrible, the concepts didn’t make sense at all

  • Anyass Firibu

    Anyass Firibu

     6 hours ago +1

    2017: porn
    2019: normal
    2021: on youtube kids
    2055: recommended for kids
    2100: poem in English books

  • Girl From Galaxy

    Girl From Galaxy

     6 hours ago

    YouTube: no nudity no violence

    Cardi B : hold my dress

  • Arao Baima

    Arao Baima

     7 hours ago

    Puta hard core



     8 hours ago


  • TwoRoyBoys


     8 hours ago

    this video isn't even marked as age restricted

  • Thomas Goffioul

    Thomas Goffioul

     10 hours ago

    Ok there are 2 situations here,
    Cardi is a murderer,
    Cardi's friend is murderer

  • Separathor


     11 hours ago +1

    Fake tits are ugly.

  • Miss Daniek

    Miss Daniek

     12 hours ago

    1:27 Lele pons?

  • HyPe BricKz

    HyPe BricKz

     12 hours ago

    Why does cardi b sound like Huey from the boondocks

  • Audrie September

    Audrie September

     13 hours ago +2

    I like all carbi videos

  • Charles Asiedu aboagye

    Charles Asiedu aboagye

     13 hours ago

    Watch Cardi B talking fake friends I loved the last part

  • Vante


     13 hours ago +1


  • reinx


     14 hours ago