Film Theory: How One Man BROKE Jeopardy! (Jeopardy is Rigged Part 1)
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The Film Theorists: Film Theory: How One Man BROKE Jeopardy! (Jeopardy is Rigged Part 1)


Published on: Thursday, November 21, 2019

Film Theory: How One Man BROKE Jeopardy! (Jeopardy is Rigged Part 1)

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Most people are familiar with the iconic television game show, Jeopardy. Trivia enthusiasts and more gather around to prove that they are the smartest at recalling random facts. Now, I love Jeopardy and I've always wondered what it takes to be a champion. Do you have to be a genius or can you... work with the system? Today Theorists, we are diving into the strategy behind one of Jeopardy's best champions. Alex Trebek is not ready for this!

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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Josh Langman, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazySound
Editor: Yosi Berman  



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  • PowerPunk31590


     2 hours ago

    I never seen it as it never showed in the UK



     2 hours ago

    I'm sorry, Serena Williams is seriously far from being the best of all in Tennis.

  • P0laR GAM3Z

    P0laR GAM3Z

     3 hours ago

    Funny this is a game show ............................ on film theory

  • heartstoe1


     3 hours ago

    I feel like Brad watched this before going on the the greatest

  • Cam the meme stealer

    Cam the meme stealer

     4 hours ago

    I remember when my mother would watch this while i did homework. It was almost expected that he would win every game. No wonder he was there for so long

  • Aleah Carter

    Aleah Carter

     5 hours ago

    Please do a beybalde burst theory (please just the seasons with valt)

  • Chad Hill

    Chad Hill

     5 hours ago

    There was also a conspiracy theory on Ken Jennings. He started out as regular contestant right after the change to play until you lose from you can only win and appear 5 times. He became popular as he won more and more. Jeopardy had low ratings prior to Ken Jennings. The more Ken won, the higher the ratings went. While it is illegal to give someone the answers prior to the contest, it is not illegal to choose weak opponents. Many believed Ken's opponents were very weak. Sound impressive but narrowly focused in their knowledge. To back that up Ken was crushed in the Tournament of Champions that year.

  • peti345


     6 hours ago

    buzz SocialBlade? incorrect

  • J


     6 hours ago

    This title reminded me of the show ‘21’ with Charles Van Doren.
    no I’m not a boomer

  • peti345


     6 hours ago


  • NeoAguni


     23 hours ago +2

    until he actually faced Ken Jennings in four games and lost 3 of them

  • The Star Wars Fangirl 77

    The Star Wars Fangirl 77

     1 days ago +2

    "None of you probably watch Jeopardy cause none of you are probably over like, 75."

    Me, 16: I-I watch Jeopardy every night....

    Theory busted

  • nerd central 007

    nerd central 007

     1 days ago +1

    who else saw James lose to ken Jennings

  • Max Wenzel

    Max Wenzel

     1 days ago

    lol in 2nd grade my class did this fun math game (yes it was actually fun I'm not a nerd) that's exactly like jeopardy but about math called GET THIS: Geo Party

  • Araceli Miguel

    Araceli Miguel

     1 days ago

    5:57 omg its Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters book love that series

  • Anonymity Ix

    Anonymity Ix

     1 days ago

    This isn't a game!

  • davidinark


     1 days ago +1

    MatPat: “This video will tank”
    YT: 4M Views
    MatPat: “It was just a theory. A view theory.”

  • Pieloverpuppy 030

    Pieloverpuppy 030

     1 days ago +1

    he’s like the Matt of Wii sport but better in many ways

  • Christus Regnet

    Christus Regnet

     1 days ago

    Can you do a video like this on the NFL? Thefixisin

  • edgar alberto

    edgar alberto

     1 days ago

    4:38 why did mr pb turned into withered Freddy?