Rainbow Six Pro League Season 9 Finals - Milan | Day 2
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Rainbow Six Esports: Rainbow Six Pro League Season 9 Finals - Milan | Day 2


Published on: Sunday, May 19, 2019

Rainbow Six Pro League Season 9 Finals - Milan | Day 2

The Pro League is the most prestigious level of competitive Rainbow Six eSports. A global competition, where the eight best teams across four regions (North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific) compete each season to qualify for the Pro League finals. There, the top two teams from each region battle it out for the title of Pro League Champions and a total prize pool of $275,000. The Pro League Season 9 Finals are taking place in Milan, Italy at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio.

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SCHEDULE (CEST Timezone - GMT +2)

Day 1 - Saturday, May 18th 2018
- 12.30 – Opening Ceremony
- 13.00 – Quarter Final #1 - Fnatic VS Nora-Rengo
- 16.00 – Quarter Final #2 - Lestream eSport VS Faze Clan
- 19.00 – Quarter Final #3 - Team Empire VS Darkzero
- 22.00 – Quarter Final #4 - Immortals VS Evil Geniuses

Day 2 - Sunday, May 19th 2018
- 13.30 – Opening Ceremony
- 14.20 – Semifinal #1
- 17.25 – New Operation Reveal
- 16.00 – Semifinal #2
- 21.00 – Grand Final

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Rainbow Six Pro League Season 9 Finals - Milan | Day 2

Source: https://youtu.be/_4kXYwfXX5s

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  • Tough Dragon

    Tough Dragon

     5 months ago

    If yung had more health he would oh killed shepherd and they would of won

  • Combination Lockout

    Combination Lockout

     7 months ago

    That Fnatic team has some horrendous aiming for a pro team

  • Dylan Dugger

    Dylan Dugger

     7 months ago

    She’s also so awkward

  • Dylan Dugger

    Dylan Dugger

     7 months ago

    The girl that talks about the new operation is weird

  • Jager Acog

    Jager Acog

     7 months ago +7

    9:58:12 Dan trying to dodge the bullet irl

  • Grandma


     7 months ago

    What is this song called.

  • hazza -

    hazza -

     7 months ago

    1:48:01 why would he throw a 2 flashes when he knew there was a jager trap or whatever its called

  • hazza -

    hazza -

     7 months ago +3

    Mum :its nearly bed time
    Me : ohhhh can I please watch 1 more video
    Mum:ok 1 more
    Me: hehe I'm gonna watch this

  • tal ion

    tal ion

     7 months ago

    I dont know any of the teams i just like watching how pros play

  • omer eti

    omer eti

     7 months ago

    Rainbow dick siege blowjob league new york 😜😜

  • Maximas 14

    Maximas 14

     8 months ago

    I know many players that are leaving because they are taking secure out of ranked. Personally I just don’t understand why they did it. I hope they rework it or do what they need to, to keep it in ranked

  • Maximas 14

    Maximas 14

     8 months ago

    Can nøøk be pinged?

  • Juan Mercado

    Juan Mercado

     8 months ago

    If the Cold War ended this way, we'd all be speaking Russian in North America right now....just like all the Russian's are speaking English right now?? What an idiotic and frankly xenophobic thing to say.

  • Moses Gutierrez

    Moses Gutierrez

     8 months ago +6


  • Eee Ggg

    Eee Ggg

     8 months ago

    Music is players enter?

  • Mrr Bean

    Mrr Bean

     8 months ago

    i asked them if i could guest star but they said no one would know who i am anymore so i drove home in my lime green mini cooper and went cri cri all the way home

  • Metalhead Sabaton

    Metalhead Sabaton

     8 months ago +1

    EG Masters of choking

  • pwrzWRLD


     8 months ago +1

    Lesion looks like a cod aw caracter

  • BrunoSilva


     8 months ago

    Os 2 mapas da faze vs EG foram acirrados, mas porra 0x2 é foda velho, caralho, Infelizmente foi isso que teve pra representar o brasil, vamos ver a proxima pro league, espero que o brasil tenha um representante bom.

  • ピクシー


     8 months ago +2

    7:04:11 kizoku