Ultra Street Fighter 4 CPU Tournament
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ShadowWolf000: Ultra Street Fighter 4 CPU Tournament


Published on: Sunday, January 29, 2023

Ultra Street Fighter 4 CPU Tournament


Welcome to a game I havent done in such a very long time and missed dearly, one of my fave games ever plus my fave Street Fighter along with 2, Street Fighter 4! But this is something different this time...here I do exactly like I did with Street Fighter X Tekken. a CPU Tournament! All characters (except Evil Ryu and Oni) will compete against each other to determine who is the strongest world warrior is! With me to join in the spectators and commentators seats are Eli (KDknight12), Frank (ShadowBowser567) and returning guy with a new name, Shemar (StruttingGull3)! Who will win it all and become "INDESTRUCTIBLE!" God I miss that so much...anyway, lets begin! (Warning: There will be command grabs...A LOT of them) Enjoy!

Source: https://youtu.be/XaEYTSxJTSE

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