Live WWE Money in the Bank 2019 preview: WWE Now
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WWE: Live WWE Money in the Bank 2019 preview: WWE Now


Published on: Sunday, May 19, 2019

Live WWE Money in the Bank 2019 preview: WWE Now

Get a live preview of what’s going on in the minds of WWE Superstars as they prepare to compete at WWE Money in the Bank, including WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

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  • Nina Yassin

    Nina Yassin

     2 months ago +1

    Becky Lynch:I have no weaknesses

    Also Becky:oh my god it’s Seth Rollins

    * starts blushing 😊

  • Toni Steensen

    Toni Steensen

     7 months ago

    I love your videos they are so cool and I love watching them

  • Jessica Medders

    Jessica Medders

     7 months ago +9

    It’s hard to be professional and trying to hide your affection towards your lover.

    Seth: Fancy seeing you here (checking her out, biting his lip, and trying not to touch her)

    Becky: Good to see you. (then starts stuttering) I let you get to it (while walking away and checking him out)

    It’s so cute.

  • PSG sam

    PSG sam

     7 months ago +1

    Thé Big dog roman reigns& Seth Rollins the very the best n'koffi💥💥🔥👍😆

  • Power


     7 months ago

    15:09 CM PUNK return confirmed???

  • Power


     7 months ago

    DZ's one is on the right in the back

  • DJ KIMPOSSIBLE DOLLY Mackenzie youtuber

    DJ KIMPOSSIBLE DOLLY Mackenzie youtuber

     7 months ago


  • Janssen Radam

    Janssen Radam

     7 months ago

    Brock Lesnar doesn't need that briefcase because he can beat anyone. He looks like weak & coward by the way he won MITB briefcase. It looks better if Sami Zayn will be the one who will cheats at the end. It looks better if the tragedy happened to him on MITB was just set-up/fake & it was planned by Triple H or any authority.

  • carrie slater

    carrie slater

     8 months ago

    Were is ken shamrok

  • Santosh Chaudhary

    Santosh Chaudhary

     8 months ago

    love u R O M A N

  • Miriam


     8 months ago

    Why they have to be got spoilers everywhere, I hate it! I just started watching this year and already finished season four 😭

  • Elisban Catari

    Elisban Catari

     8 months ago

    Alguien sabe donde puedo ver las luchas completas de este evento??

  • Daily Live

    Daily Live

     8 months ago +1

    I want Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins to have their own videos together.

  • Solothabo Alphaking

    Solothabo Alphaking

     8 months ago

    I can smell the Sweetness of African , Indian and Chinese Kofi Blending for WWE Championship again !!

  • Solothabo Alphaking

    Solothabo Alphaking

     8 months ago

    I can you see you Buddy you look so thirsty , woooo!!

  • Ragad Ragad

    Ragad Ragad

     8 months ago

    lol charlotte wins the smackdown womens champian & bayley win the money in the bank ladder match & seth rollins win by beating aj styles💋 & brock lesnar wins the ladder match💋

  • Black Power

    Black Power

     8 months ago

    I always watch wwe because of kofi and New day

  • Aphriana Shirer

    Aphriana Shirer

     8 months ago


  • Jitendra Sahoo

    Jitendra Sahoo

     8 months ago

    I think everybody is missing CM Punk more than ever.

  • يوسف سلامه Slama Yosif

    يوسف سلامه Slama Yosif

     8 months ago

    ايش هاذا مافي جلد