Bon Appétit's Brad & Chris Answer Thanksgiving Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED
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WIRED: Bon Appétit's Brad & Chris Answer Thanksgiving Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED


Published on: Friday, November 22, 2019

Bon Appétit's Brad & Chris Answer Thanksgiving Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Bon Appétit's Brad Leone and Chris Morocco use the power of Twitter to answer common questions about cooking for Thanksgiving. Do you put celery in your stuffing? Is it dangerous to deep fry a turkey? How many sticks of butter do you have to use on Thanksgiving? Are vegan mashed potatoes good? Should you dry brine or wet brine your turkey? Chris and Brad answer all these questions and more!

See more tips to make the perfect Thanksgiving meal

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Bon Appétit's Brad & Chris Answer Thanksgiving Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED


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  • e8604


     7 hours ago

    I just love chris so much, he is a dear XD

    oo brad too

  • Fennec Besixdouze

    Fennec Besixdouze

     3 days ago

    @10:30 please ignore this man, chocolate cake is for birthdays and valentines, not Thanksgiving. Make a glazed bundt cake in the theme of pumpkin spiced or caramel apple or something festive. Toffee/pecan/caramel/apple/ginger/rum/maple are autumnal holiday type flavors and anything featuring those would be wonderful, whether cakes, bars, cookies, pralines, torte, cupcakes, cheesecake etc. Just don't do a plain chocolate cake.

  • Fennec Besixdouze

    Fennec Besixdouze

     3 days ago

    @7:55 "knife always goes down toward the board, not like laterally toward Chris" he says as he looks into the camera, not noticing Brad is cutting laterally towards Chris.

  • William Waugh

    William Waugh

     4 days ago

    Goya hammon seasoning garlic powder onion powder and bacon... brussel sprouts cabbage ... green beans .... DO IT

  • MissMaddieMack


     4 days ago

    9:20 oooooooooolllllllddddddd maan

  • Noel Novak

    Noel Novak

     6 days ago

    Brussel sprouts in maple + dijon sauce is a great alternative sauce as well. I recommend for those out there who haven’t had non-steamed sprouts (aka the gross way to cook them).

  • Nathanael Fernandes

    Nathanael Fernandes

     1 weeks ago

    Chris is so sweet!!!

  • Dylan McGregor

    Dylan McGregor

     1 weeks ago

    Great vid! More of these would be great.

  • Kita Pritasari

    Kita Pritasari

     1 weeks ago

    it's so weird watching them without BA's editing finesse

  • Lacie Anne Williams

    Lacie Anne Williams

     1 weeks ago

    Brad playing with a potato really made the video

  • Matt Dehnel

    Matt Dehnel

     1 weeks ago

    how come Brad pronounces "salt" differently in "salt" and "unsalted"?

  • Jesse


     1 weeks ago

    16:45 you gon make me act up

  • Kai


     1 weeks ago

    Favourite duo

  • Nicole Manuel

    Nicole Manuel

     1 weeks ago

    God I love Brad.

  • Faith


     2 weeks ago

    I use salted butter for literally everything. Whoops lmao.

  • Marans Candy

    Marans Candy

     2 weeks ago

    You can also use white granulated sugar as a pie weight and then use the slightly heat browned sugar in a recipe for depth of flavor. Don’t let the sugar touch the pie shell as fat will affect the quality of any meringue you make with the sugar.

  • Andrew Sherwood

    Andrew Sherwood

     2 weeks ago

    Am I the only one that was shocked to find out that "vegetal" is a real word, and not just Brad trying to say vegetable?

  • A K

    A K

     2 weeks ago +1

    I dpnt even celebrate thanksgiving but its chris and brad

  • Hello There

    Hello There

     2 weeks ago

    How are vegan mashed potatoes... not good😂

  • Confused Captain

    Confused Captain

     2 weeks ago +1

    I love how Brad was just playing with a potato the whole time. What a legend.