Alex Honnold Breaks Down Iconic Rock Climbing Scenes | GQ Sports
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GQ Sports: Alex Honnold Breaks Down Iconic Rock Climbing Scenes | GQ Sports


Published on: Monday, February 18, 2019

Alex Honnold Breaks Down Iconic Rock Climbing Scenes | GQ Sports

Professional rock climber and free-solo ascent master Alex Honnold breaks down rock climbing clips from both real life and film, including 'Mission Impossible II,' 'Point Break,' 'Star Trek V,' 'Failure to Launch,' 'Dark Knight Rises,' 'Vertical Limit' and 'Cliffhanger'

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Alex Honnold Breaks Down Iconic Rock Climbing Scenes | GQ Sports


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  • Rory Hassett

    Rory Hassett

     6 hours ago

    Oh my gawd...hahaha. @ 12:49 "Oh well, he just died...that sucks." You're too funny Alex. You're just so 'matter of fact'! HAHAHA Love it!

  • Lucas Conner

    Lucas Conner

     1 days ago +3

    "yeah so that is- oh wait he just died, that sucks. so anyway"

    made the whole video worth it lol

  • Good Bye

    Good Bye

     1 days ago

    Lol the terms they use for their little rock climbing moves are so 2000s goth hs kid edgy.

  • Blixx


     2 days ago

    His hands are like a bunch of bananas

  • Ozgur Serdar

    Ozgur Serdar

     2 days ago

    if they gave him a dollar for his every "this is legit" , he d make a lot of money

  • Dr.Shahdab Saani

    Dr.Shahdab Saani

     2 days ago

    We want you climb on the rock where Point break movie scene happen.plz

  • soldjs


     2 days ago

    omg his fingers....disturbing but why am i surprised

  • Sheriff Stahr

    Sheriff Stahr

     2 days ago

    The haircut that you can pull off when you climb El Cap with no ropes

  • Andy Gilmore

    Andy Gilmore

     3 days ago +4

    "I am tired of these jokes about my giant hand. The first such incident occured in 1956 when..."

  • Adrian Gabriel Gramada

    Adrian Gabriel Gramada

     3 days ago

    Holy crap his fingers man ... :) I've never seen such strong fingers, ever :)

  • Dutspice


     3 days ago

    R.I.P 🙏

  • Rationalist Faith

    Rationalist Faith

     3 days ago

    Documenting ungrateful people taking their life for granted. I'm all for having fun, but when the risk of failure is so high, I see no difference with junkies risking their life for a cheap high.
    f*** y**. Blood of all those that want to copy you is on all your hands. You're climbing a rock, not solving cancer.

  • Michael Gamboa

    Michael Gamboa

     4 days ago

    I'm here after watching Free Solo, this guy is legit badass

  • Gábor Králik

    Gábor Králik

     4 days ago

    Game of thrones wall climbing scene?

  • LikelyMost


     4 days ago +13

    "He just died, that sucks."

  • eR3alist


     5 days ago +1

    If my feet were hands they'd look like his hands only smaller.

  • That one guy from outer space

    That one guy from outer space

     5 days ago

    Your thumb is a finger

  • IGetsDa Cheeks

    IGetsDa Cheeks

     5 days ago

    He looks like he can unscrew a piping hot radiator cap like it’s nuttin no towel needed 😁

  • Demitri Morgan

    Demitri Morgan

     5 days ago

    Alex Honnold is my hero.

  • Rebekah Parkes

    Rebekah Parkes

     5 days ago +4

    "Both of my footholds broke off, so I was just left hanging there by my hands.... SO SICK"