Rappers Who Were Born Into Wealth
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Nicki Swift: Rappers Who Were Born Into Wealth


Published on: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Rappers Who Were Born Into Wealth

It’s not all about building street credibility and hustling when it comes to making it in the hip-hop world these days. There are rappers today who are actually born into wealth before making it big.

That might not have been possible 10 years ago, but things change when former rappers have children. These kids are then born into some substantial wealth, and then want to follow in their parent's footsteps. Can’t blame them.

So, who are these rappers who were born into wealth? They obviously can’t rap about making it in the streets but artists are rapping about everything these days. To find out who they are, watch this video!

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Jaden Smith | 0:00
O'Shea Jackson Jr. | 1:05
Chet Hanks | 1:45
Diggy Simmons | 2:36
Robb Bank$ | 3:18
Mike D | 3:57
Tyga | 4:39

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