RWBY Vol. 3 Soundtrack - Reaction & Review
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Melissa Hime: RWBY Vol. 3 Soundtrack - Reaction & Review


Published on: Monday, February 1, 2021

RWBY Vol. 3 Soundtrack - Reaction & Review

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Hey everyone! Here it is - my reaction to the vol. 3 soundtrack!!!! I had a lot of fun - and also tears - with this one! The opening theme means SO much more to me now that I'm on the other side of the volume....and we even got some villain tracks!!! I have to say, listening to the growth in Casey's voice over these volumes gets me almost as teary as the series itself! She just does so many different tones so well! I love that we got some happier, fun ones in there, like Sun's and Neon Katt's, to balance out the darkness of the villain songs and also the UTTER SADNESS of the last track!!! So beautiful and well done, seeing as how it was equally relatable to Pyrrha as it was to Monty. What a beautiful tribute! Can't wait for Vol. 4!!!! Enjoy!! ~ MH

PS Thanks to Russell for the playlist and the notes!!!!


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