The History Channel Saga
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Quinton Re2s: The History Channel Saga


Published on: Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The History Channel Saga

Something I've thought about making for ages. A full compilation of the History Channel Saga, with a few bonus videos of content that led up to it.

0:00 Every Ghost Show
23:13 The Lies Behind Area 51
48:00 How Documentaries Lie to You
1:08:56 The Decline of History Channel
1:41:14 That Time the World Ended
2:11:04 Bad Nazi Documentaries
2:55:54 The Othersiders review (from "Cartoon Network's Failed Live Action Block")
3:03:36 The Bizzzzzzzare Culture of Pawn Stars
3:21:47 Pawn Hub

The full CN Real video can be found here:


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