21 Things in the US That Puzzle Most Foreigners
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BRIGHT SIDE: 21 Things in the US That Puzzle Most Foreigners


Published on: Friday, May 17, 2019

21 Things in the US That Puzzle Most Foreigners

When you live in a country for many years, everything looks ordinary and familiar. But an outsider will always spot some curious quirks in your customs and behaviors that make them think, “What’s going on here?” Life in the US can puzzle newcomers in many ways, from buying foods and magazines in a pharmacy to deep-frying almost anything you can think of.

For example, if you’re not from the US, it may be puzzling to walk into a pharmacy and see aisles and aisles of over-the-counter meds, toys, makeup, clothes, and even groceries! In America, if a restaurant doesn’t offer free refills on fountain drinks, it’s kind of strange. But in other countries, once you buy one beverage, that’s it! And Americans speak so loud compared to other countries. Whether it’s talking on your cell phone or chatting with a friend over lunch, Americans seem to really like projecting their voice.

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Sales tax is a guessing game 0:27
It’s not a party without red Solo cups 1:29
Deep-fried everything! 1:55
Fill ‘er up! 2:52
If you don’t like it, return it! 3:18
Tips for everyone! 3:45
The land of ice-cold drinks 4:48
Looking at dollars is a snooze-fest 5:41
The date-writing conundrum 6:40
Pre-baby baby showers 7:03
Where “How are you?” means “Hello!” 7:23
Bathroom stalls that aren’t so private 7:46
No one uses their “inside voice” 8:14
Hopping into the backseat of a cab 8:55
That classic American smile 9:10

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- When you go shopping in the US and see a price tag says $14.88, don’t expect to pay 14.88 at the register! Sales tax is NOT included in the price of an item!
- A lot of Americans don’t feel the need to take long vacations, so they often let vacation and sick hours pile up without ever using them. Plus, most employers only give you 2 weeks out of the year!
- In the States, this red plastic cup is synonymous with “party on, dude!” But other countries apparently don’t recognize this cup to mean the same thing.
- Whether it’s an ugly sweater from Grandma or a heinous pair of earrings from an ex, if you don’t like it, you can just return it!
- Cab drivers, servers, hairdressers – you gotta tip ‘em! Tips are acceptable for almost any service in the US and sometimes consist of 25% of the bill!
- Speaking of drinks, if it’s not a hot coffee or cocoa, then it’s probably got ice in it. Tea, coffee, lemonade, soda, water – Americans like it on the rocks!
- Americans must have an aversion to being hot! In many parts of Europe, people simply don’t use air conditioning as much as they do in the States.
- So many visitors to the US get really confused by the month-day-year thing because most parts of the world write the day, then the month, and finally the year.
- Walk into any grocery store aisle, and you’ll notice at least 10 different options for cookies, crackers, or cereal.
- When getting into a cab, it’s customary in the States to scoot on into the back seat. But in countries like New Zealand and Australia, riding anywhere but shotgun can be a little rude.

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