Saturday afternoon LIVE with Sara and Mark 2pm EDT
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Herding Little Cows to the glory of God: Saturday afternoon LIVE with Sara and Mark 2pm EDT


Published on: Sunday, July 26, 2020

Saturday afternoon LIVE with Sara and Mark 2pm EDT

Every Saturday we spend an hour or so talking about whatever is on our minds for the week. We hope it is a time of encouragement and hope, a blessing to you and your family. Thanks for joining us!

0:00 Welcome. It's hot (for Maine)
5:00 updates on dentists, doctors, and diets
15:00 dental problems make dieting difficult
18:50 food budget, lots of fat, and food prices
27:00 Maine blueberries and ethnic markets
29:15 Sunday rest
33:30 restocking our stores  and basement renovations
47:20 Malachi awakes!
48:00 are we too distracted? (Yes!)
54:45 breaking stereotypes in home education opportunities, lifelong learning,and church
58:15 Josiah joins us!
60:15 Smarter Every Day and application to home education (link below)
69:00 admitting our bias and seeking TRUTH
78:00 not holding our children to a different standard than we live by
80:00 plans for new videos, prayer requests for the week

$75 challenge - feeding 9 people for a week

Fat Fiction video link

Smarter Every Day - The Future of War and how it affects you

Voddie Baucham on Family discipleship (may not be the sermon Sara had in mind)

Dr. Jason Lisle video on fractals and mathematics to the glory of God


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