Keith Makes A Hot Sauce For Chicken
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The Try Guys: Keith Makes A Hot Sauce For Chicken


Published on: Saturday, November 30, 2019

Keith Makes A Hot Sauce For Chicken

It’s here folks! The chicken king of the internet officially made a chicken sauce! Buy Keith's Chicken Sauce here 👉
Keith’s sauce is the perfect hot sauce for anyone that can’t have it toooo hot, but still wants to add super flavorful spice to their life. By partnering with Heatonist, arguably the best in the game, we have brought something truly unique to life!
Perfect on chicken of all kinds, this sauce cuts through rich foods like fries or a grilled cheese with ease and a must try on pizza!
Made with love,
- Keith Habersberger

A documentary video by Kane Diep @kanediep

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Noah Chaimberg - Founder of HEATONIST
Claire Georges - Butterfly Bakery of Vermont Owner & Developer
Stephen Chamberlain - Dutchess Farm Owner

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  • The Try Guys

    The Try Guys

     1 months ago +2325

    It’s here folks! The chicken king of the internet officially made a chicken sauce! Buy Keith's Chicken Sauce here 👉

  • Sofia B123

    Sofia B123

     5 hours ago

    n u pls sell this 4ever

  • Alexis Murgu

    Alexis Murgu

     1 days ago

    Can we please get a kieth eats everything off of cheesecake menu PLEASE

  • ricasso


     1 days ago

    keith is literally a skinny legend... holy moly he looks great!!

  • Elizabeth Bundick

    Elizabeth Bundick

     2 days ago

    Can Keith just open a restaurant already?

  • Marty D.

    Marty D.

     3 days ago

    There is a Diana sauce for chiken lol

  • Jordy Apolonioa

    Jordy Apolonioa

     3 days ago

    Why your tounge look like that

  • kat c

    kat c

     4 days ago

    I want Keith on Hot Ones

  • Phoebe Kate

    Phoebe Kate

     4 days ago

    Isn’t this the guy the Epicurious hot sauce video?

  • Maddie Curtis

    Maddie Curtis

     4 days ago

    “Woooooooooo, it’s hot”

  • dreamwalker936


     4 days ago

    You should eat the Menu at Sam Woo for the Lunar New Year.

  • Naimah the Gymnast

    Naimah the Gymnast

     4 days ago

    Eat everything from Panera!

  • Essess


     5 days ago

    I really, really, really enjoyed this video! Super happy that Keith got to do something like this with the help of solid hot sauce professionals. :)

  • Mia_Rose_98


     5 days ago +2

    Plz chill with the wooshing/ding noise 😂

  • drew smith

    drew smith

     5 days ago

    I thought I was the only one with a geographic tongue until watching this keth is now my favorite try guy

  • Wilbo Baggins

    Wilbo Baggins

     5 days ago

    This was like such a documentary it was crazy

  • Coomer McGee

    Coomer McGee

     5 days ago +1

    It's good to see the producer.. the maker , the distributor and the buyer

  • Sacha Pajarillo

    Sacha Pajarillo

     5 days ago +1

    Please make shipping available to the Philippines ☹️

  • Kimberly R

    Kimberly R

     6 days ago +1

    Me with a whole hot ass pepper eating my food

  • Spicy Soup

    Spicy Soup

     6 days ago +3

    No one:

    Keith when revealing something: