#009 Why We Stopped Selling Products
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Evan and Katelyn Podcast: #009 Why We Stopped Selling Products


Published on: Monday, February 25, 2019

#009 Why We Stopped Selling Products

Our whole “Evan and Katelyn” as a business idea started with making products and in this episode we tell more of that story and why we eventually stopped. We also try new game for this podcast: two truths and a lie and see how well we really know each other.

0:00 Intro
0:59 Product making journey
1:40 Why Evan quit his job
2:41 First products Evan tried making
3:47 Why we bought our 1st 3D printer
4:41 Evan made a 3D printed deer for Katelyn
5:41 Picture of the 3D printed deer
6:05 Problems faced trying to sell our marquee letters
8:02 How we “faked” our way into the West Elm local maker program
11:08 The Fall Festival sale
12:13 Financial planning to buy 3D printers (and why we chose certain products to sell)
15:01 Biggest challenges selling products
16:01 Our most successful products
17:02 Did we make a profit selling products?
18:09 Our PAINFULLY BAD pop up shop experiences
18:59 How we started selling wholesale
19:58 Starting the YouTube channel as another side hustle
20:20 Pros and cons of popup shops, wholesaling and online sell
26:04 Pros of making products
28:34 Cons of making products
29:07 How we’d make products with our current skills - like RESIN
30:28 Was making products worth it?
32:39 Would we have gone farther down the product path if YouTube didn’t work?
36:47 Game Time- Two Truths And A Lie
41:32 Katelyn’s frightful experience of stinging by yellowjackets
44:52 Katelyn’s cat poem
57:12 Katelyn recreating the time she was on the local news
1:00:34 Thing of the week

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