Why WMU? : Academic Quality (Part II)
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WMU Admissions Social Media: Why WMU? : Academic Quality (Part II)


Published on: Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Why WMU? : Academic Quality (Part II)

Western Michigan University is a globally engaged, national research university that promotes success for learners at all levels and stands out among America’s more than 4,600 public and private degree-granting colleges and universities.

7 out of 10 instructors a WMU have earned their highest professional rank, so the majority of our classes will be taught by professors, not instructors or graduate assistants. WMU students learn from faculty who are passionate about teaching, research and creative activity. Our students are challenged here! Learn more through interviews with students from the College of Fine Arts, Haworth College of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, and College of Education and Human Development.

Source: https://youtu.be/DjRzkS8x_nA

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