Forgery Experts Explain 5 Ways To Spot A Fake | WIRED
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WIRED: Forgery Experts Explain 5 Ways To Spot A Fake | WIRED


Published on: Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Forgery Experts Explain 5 Ways To Spot A Fake | WIRED

Forensic scientist Thiago Piwowarczyk and art historian Jeffrey Taylor PhD examine a purported Jackson Pollock painting and use their expertise to determine if the painting is legitimate or a forgery.

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Forgery Experts Explain 5 Ways To Spot A Fake | WIRED


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  • BmnGameBoy


     3 days ago

    A toddler can make it but a fraud master can replicate it

  • Rocio Monserrátt

    Rocio Monserrátt

     3 days ago

    Wow thats really interesting

  • voidyss


     4 days ago

    I've been studying art for 8 years and this Pollock's piece still looks like nonsense to me

  • kuzuboshii


     6 days ago

    Jackson Pollock wasn't a hack and you can tell this is a fake instantly... we would have never used silver on white in that way, there is way too much red, and everything is at the same distribution pattern and scale. This is actually nothing like a Pollock.

  • meme


     1 weeks ago +1

    a toddler could make that piece of “art”

  • Travis Johnson

    Travis Johnson

     1 weeks ago

    The beauty of a Rembrandt is in its consummate technical and artistic perfection. Pollock's crap CAN be duplicated by anyone with a canvas and paint can

  • Travis Johnson

    Travis Johnson

     1 weeks ago

    Real or fake, Jackson Pollock "art" is crap

  • Marcela Marcie

    Marcela Marcie

     1 weeks ago

    Lols, I did a similar painting without knowing much about painting, that's how I know it's a fake

  • Joel Honrado

    Joel Honrado

     1 weeks ago

    His voice is like in playback speed 0.5

  • Ards scification

    Ards scification

     1 weeks ago

    funny thing is people make paintings made by a human being like us big deal.

  • I Don't Know Her

    I Don't Know Her

     1 weeks ago

    Thiago looks like if g eazy had a brain

  • ROBBANKS666666


     1 weeks ago

    I have an original on my 20 year old drop cloth👅

  • Candy Texture

    Candy Texture

     1 weeks ago

    My 8yo niece makes Jackson Pollock fakes every week

  • Jay Cole

    Jay Cole

     2 weeks ago

    Look here the paint it still wet.

  • Cão Velho

    Cão Velho

     2 weeks ago

    Modern art sellings are money laundering.

  • Frederik hiltner

    Frederik hiltner

     2 weeks ago

    i still dont understand why people pay Millions for paintings that look like a 3 year old kid didn't want to finish his food
    its a bunch of Color thrown onto a canvas
    id rather pay 50$ for a painting of a nice Sunset or something



     2 weeks ago


  • Hare Brahs

    Hare Brahs

     2 weeks ago

    i spot a fake, and it is called "art"..

  • DrGyalfren


     2 weeks ago

    Now in your recommends: how Jackson Pollock became so overrated, by Vox

  • Mike nazzal

    Mike nazzal

     2 weeks ago

    I'm sorry, all those expensive famous paintings are a pile of crap. I just don't see any skills in them unlike some random art works by unknown people where you could see the effort and thought put into the paintings, I could just splash some paint on a canvas and hang it on my wall instead of buying such an art. if I'm buying and appreciating art I better be unable to paint something that looks similar because otherwise what the heck is the point?