{782} 12 Volt SMPS Have Only 3 Volt Output, Low Output
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Haseeb Electronics: {782} 12 Volt SMPS Have Only 3 Volt Output, Low Output


Published on: Wednesday, November 30, 2022

{782} 12 Volt SMPS Have Only 3 Volt Output, Low Output

12 Volt SMPS Power Supply Have Only 3 Volt Output. in this video number {782} i demonstrated and explained how to repair TL494 / KA7500 based half bridge 12 volt 20 ampere smps rafeed model RF-0076, it was providing low output voltage than the rated 12 volt, and there was no control by voltage adjustment potentiometer. i found the pwm controller ic tl494, it was damaged. i replaced the smps controller ic with new one and the power supply started functioning normally

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how to fixed switch mode power supply SMPS step by step when OutPut Voltage Low
How To Repair Switch Mode Power Supply when the output voltage are less than the rated voltage and it is giving unregulated voltage
How To Repair Switch Mode Power Supply SMPS, When it have low OutPut Voltage
how to repair tl494 half bridge topology power supply circuit,
practical repair of 12 volt 20 amp switch mode power supply SMPS.
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how to repair smps
if SMPS have low output or output voltage unregulated
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i shared very easy & step by step practical troubleshooting / circuit tracing and fault finding techniques to find the faults in any switching mode power supply.
how to repair smps (switch /switching mode power supply), either it is industrial power supply, laptop charger, adapter, computer atx power supply, server power supply, mobile charger, battery charger, inverter welding machine, led / lcd tv power supply, power supply of dth / digital satellite receiver,
how to repair smps (switch / switching mode power supplies) in very easy step by step repair and practical troubleshooting & circuit tracing tutorial
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00:00 12 volt smps power supply is giving low output voltage
00:30 how to apply power to a circuit for testing (DUT / UUT)
00:49 how to troubleshoot / repair smps power supply
04:47 damaged / cracked TL494 ic
05:07 how to check TL494 power supply circuit

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