Minecraft Earth: Official Reveal Trailer
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Xbox: Minecraft Earth: Official Reveal Trailer


Published on: Friday, May 17, 2019

Minecraft Earth: Official Reveal Trailer

Learn more: https://www.minecraft.net/earth

In this first-ever look at Minecraft Earth, discover how the reality-bending, world-blending abilities of AR bring blocks to life! Armed with just your phone and your creativity, you now have the power to Minecraft your world.

Audio Description: https://www.201tube.tv/watch/VO118JL7pKQ

Source: https://youtu.be/AQEizp-VrVU

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  • NathanTheDragon 2.O/ DraGZKing

    NathanTheDragon 2.O/ DraGZKing

     1 days ago

    well what next?
    Fortnite Earth?

  • Tanner Dikin

    Tanner Dikin

     3 days ago

    inb4 AR griefing.

  • Cyril BLed AnimationNation

    Cyril BLed AnimationNation

     5 days ago +1

    Minecraft Earth: Exists
    Android users: Sweats profusely

  • CozmicPlayz Minecraft

    CozmicPlayz Minecraft

     1 weeks ago

    The text in the bottom ruins everything ):

  • jaiden playz roblox

    jaiden playz roblox

     1 weeks ago

    Be being exited the game saying NOT COMPATIBLE IN THE USA

  • Jakelin Gonzalez

    Jakelin Gonzalez

     2 weeks ago

    Amo el erneman

  • Gaming Seif

    Gaming Seif

     2 weeks ago

    Everybody gangsta wearing earpods till creepers spawn

  • Well Then

    Well Then

     2 weeks ago

    Building in real life, captioned: "Dramatization"
    Skating on street, captioned: "Closed course. Do not attempt."

  • Matt 2112

    Matt 2112

     3 weeks ago

    This appeals to kids. COPPA FINE $1,069,420

  • Robby 09427

    Robby 09427

     3 weeks ago

    I WANT IT!

  • DJ Dice 4life

    DJ Dice 4life

     3 weeks ago

    Luckily we have to join there build plate to see it I think

  • mediocre gaming

    mediocre gaming

     3 weeks ago

    she litteraly just started walking on the open street and getting distracted by stuff on the way smh

  • Top


     3 weeks ago


  • KeliwitzgiHD


     3 weeks ago

    When will Minecraft Earth Early Access arrive in Germany ???

  • DjCatani


     3 weeks ago

    It's sad enough that there are people older than 10 playing Minecraft...now we'll see get to see them pretending outside? Jeeesus

  • xdlolziom


     3 weeks ago


  • JooshYT


     3 weeks ago

    Just downloaded it, it’s amazing and super fun!

  • Ferdinand Lindemann

    Ferdinand Lindemann

     3 weeks ago

    Leckt mich mit eurem dreck alle dürfen mal wieder spielen außer Deutschland wir müssen mal wieder warten während alle anderen schon spielen 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  • WO Gaming

    WO Gaming

     3 weeks ago

    Downloaded it earlier today! Its fun!!!

  • Gabriel Thompson

    Gabriel Thompson

     4 weeks ago

    Breaking News: People are being hospitalized after breaking their hands trying to punch trees