My Horrible Nightmare Group Project
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Jaiden Animations: My Horrible Nightmare Group Project


Published on: Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Horrible Nightmare Group Project

*continuous internal screaming*

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Music: In the shaddows by ionics (it had two d's in the title so that's how i'm spelling it too)

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You helped me stay strong while "persisting in the face of difficulty"


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  • oh sheet

    oh sheet

     1 hours ago

    I looked at my phone and my heart sank to my stomach BECAUSE I THOUGHT ONE OF THE CLIFS WAS A MASSIVE CRACK IN MY SCREEN

  • Diego Salazar

    Diego Salazar

     2 hours ago

    I feel you
    People can suck

  • NarwhalKraze YT

    NarwhalKraze YT

     3 hours ago +1

    Honestly Jaidens profile picture is me when i say Hi to my crush.

  • •Ruby Cløudz•

    •Ruby Cløudz•

     3 hours ago

    Her googling most annoying girl names, one of the names: Jayden

    Text: Cough

  • Gavin Ballesteros

    Gavin Ballesteros

     4 hours ago

    This might be offensive but your “””Teammates””” ARE. ABSOLUTELY. [email protected] SLUTY. THOTS.

  • zero


     8 hours ago

    Anyone else notice it says Jayden when she looked up most annoying girl names?

  • Will's Channel

    Will's Channel

     13 hours ago

    Pause video at 0:54 it says Jayden as one of the most annoying names. So close to jaiden

  • Itz_XSkylarX


     17 hours ago +1

    What app does she use?

  • SQuIsHy PoTatO

    SQuIsHy PoTatO

     19 hours ago +2

    My name is Renee but I don’t know if that counts

    I hope not

  • Elephants Dancing

    Elephants Dancing

     19 hours ago +1

    The name Jayden was on that annoying name list. I’m not sure if that’s how you spell your name but still

  • Bookshelf LPS

    Bookshelf LPS

     20 hours ago

    But google has spoken
    HMMM about those google diagnoses EEEMMMM

  • Tina Prentice

    Tina Prentice

     21 hours ago

    Ha I see Jaiden!


  • Michael Kata

    Michael Kata

     23 hours ago

    I hate group projects 😡, they never work. Either you screw up or they do and it effects all our grades and in most cases you have to do all the work.

  • Okoboji


     1 days ago

    That’s not nearly as bad as a group project I had for a course in Shakespeare as an undergraduate student in college many years ago. It was just me and two female students who had to do a group presentation on Othello. Back then, there was no Internet, which meant there was also no YouTube, and Shakespeare is pretty difficult to try to read, understand, and analyze from a large tome of a book with tissue paper thin pages when putting a group project together. The best way to do a group project like this is by watching the actual play on video while putting together the project. The college library did have the BBC Shakespeare plays on video and you could request them and watch them in the library. The first meeting we had, only one other student showed up and we were able to watch part of Othello together to take notes. The second time, neither student showed up, and when I called them both on the phone, I didn’t get any answer, so I was stuck finishing this group project all by myself, even though I was at the library at the scheduled time we were to meet.

    The next class we had was the day we were to give our group presentation on Othello. The two irresponsible, lazy female students assigned to my group were in class, and I had to restrain the urge not to kill both of them. I was really pissed at them. I let the professor of that class, who I really didn’t like at all, that we weren’t ready to present our work today as a group, but we would do our group presentation at the next class meeting. After class, I needed to go over with the two lazy f**ks how we were going to do our group presentation. I had correctly assumed that neither of them had done any work on their own. I carried the load for the entire group. I had watched the entire play more than once and had taken notes and came up with ideas for our presentation. I had decided that we would each take turns presenting certain acts of the play, when the professor said to me, “Well, you need to read the entire play.” I almost blew a gasket and thought of asking the the professor if she would be interested in having a mouth full of teeth. I can say how I felt about her now because I know she’s been dead for many years. The group presentation went as well as could be expected, but I was sooo relieved when that class was over.

    When I went to graduate school, I also had group presentations in class, but the difference was EVERYONE participated in doing the work, and NO ONE f**ked off and did nothing. I think there needs to be a nationwide rule in colleges in the US that professors who assign group projects should keep track of the students who neglect their responsibilities for group work and assign them an automatic F for non-participation. No exceptions or excuses.

  • Totemo Totemo Jyouzu

    Totemo Totemo Jyouzu

     1 days ago +1

    I saw “ja(y)den” in the most annoying girl names

  • wanjeon nae style

    wanjeon nae style

     1 days ago

    this video had my anxiety on edge ;A;

  • aquamarine


     1 days ago +1

    The all knowing google!!!



     1 days ago

    I speak English and Spanish

  • Satyam Verma

    Satyam Verma

     1 days ago +1

    Happens with me always,I have trust issues.
    Good job Jaiden👏👏

  • TFG Entertainment

    TFG Entertainment

     1 days ago

    God I love video editing under last minute panic.