Australia's First Earthship - Part 2
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Jennifer Brownson: Australia's First Earthship - Part 2


Published on: Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Australia's First Earthship - Part 2

Comments from filmmaker, Jennifer Brownson:

Australia broke ground on its first start-to-finish Earthship home in January, 2013. This film is Part Two of what will be a three part series and documents the Finishes Workshop that took place in June, 2013. Part 1 can be viewed at: This film is not intended to teach all the details of building Earthships, but is rather my creative view of the wonderful experience of being a volunteer crew member. My hope in making this film is that it will encourage humans to get involved and explore more intelligent, beautiful and loving habitats where we can thrive in harmony with ourselves and with nature. I feel that Earthships are a great step in that direction.

I do not know when or even if Part 3 (the final episode) will take place. Originally I thought it would be some time in 2015 or 2016, but I am no longer living in Australia and my priorities have gone towards other passions, so film making is no longer a priority. Perhaps someone else will take up the next step of this creative project?

I am grateful to all who made this event and this film possible (Shelley, Bob, Dani, Rache, Rosa, Paul, Campbell, and all the rest of you). And I am grateful to our Creator and spirit friends for their loving inspiration and support.

If you enjoyed this film and wish to contact me (or even offer a monetary gesture of appreciation via Paypal ...wouldn't that be awesome!) you can do so via my email address: [email protected]

All are welcome to show and share this film freely. If an HD quality download is desired for Earthship or Permaculture events, or other groups, then contact me at the email above, and we can make arrangements.

May we all succeed in following our hearts into a more loving world!

Australia's First Earthship Build - Part 2 (June 2013 Finishes Workshop)
Organized By:

Shelley Clements and Dani Wolff-Chambers
in collaboration with:

Earthship Australia

Contact: Rachel Goldlust
[email protected]

Additional information on Earthships and crew volunteering world wide can be found at:


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