5 Times Ellen Pranks Went HORRIBLY WRONG!
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Splash: 5 Times Ellen Pranks Went HORRIBLY WRONG!


Published on: Saturday, April 25, 2020

5 Times Ellen Pranks Went HORRIBLY WRONG!

5 Times Ellen Pranks Went HORRIBLY WRONG!

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Number 5: Milo Ventimiglia

Ellen DeGeneres is the queen of pranks, but things went terribly wrong when Milo Ventimiglia stopped by on Thursday. Well, perhaps this was just one of the cases of someone who was expecting Ellen to do something funny and prepared himself to act as calmly as possible. Whatever the case, the prank faile

Ahead of the show, the host had one of her writers pretend to be an annoying Warners Bros. page for the This Is Us star. Despite her constant bugging, Milo remained perfectly polite, which just made the whole thing even more awkward. Though he eventually caught on to what was happening, we couldn't help but get secondhand embarrassment for the poor woman. A lot of people don't survive these pranks unscathed.

Number 4: Daniel Radcliffe

There was only one person immune to Ellen's fear-mongering. When crept up on by a witch, Daniel Radcliffe simply smiled. Being the star of Harry Potter, he's no doubt had a lifetime's worth of witches and wizards prowling around on set, which could explain his non-reaction.

The 29-year-old actor also wasn't freaked out in the slightest when the comedian simulated an earthquake in his trailer. As the trailer shook violently, he simply made his way to the entrance in a bid to get a better view of what was happening. Ellen couldn't believe her eyes. Radcliffe revealed that he was really excited when the trailer was shaking later said on the show. In evolutionary terms, that's the worst reaction to have to an earthquake."

Number 3: Garth Brook

It all went down when Brooks stopped by to talk with DeGeneres following his big win as the 2017 Entertainer of the Year at the CMA Awards. DeGeneres led up to her scare by talking to Brooks about his last visit and how he scared her show’s producer. She played a clip of that moment, which was supposed to keep Brooks distracted.

Even though Brooks wasn’t expecting anything, he didn’t flinch a bit when someone jumped out of the side table and lurched at him. In fact, he started laughing! The whole ordeal was made all the more comedic by the fact that the person who scared Brooks actually tripped and fell as he tried to leap out of the table. Still laughing, Brooks calmly stood up and put the table’s top back in its place.

Number 2: John Kimmel

John Kimmel's reaction to Ellen's prank has to be one of the most surprising. As Jimmy and Ellen were talking, a panda sneaks up behind the popular talk show host. When the panda finally closes in and tries to give her scare, Ellen is barely surprised. Having fulfilled his mission, the person in the animal costume looks to make a getaway but Jimmy is having none of it. He immediately gets to his feet and wrestles the big animal to the ground. Jimmy drags the Panda back on stage and holds him down. The whole scene continues for a few more moments and Ellen can't hold back her laughter as Jimmy continues to wrestle with the Panda. He even removes its mask and reveals who was dressed up in it.

Jimmy Kimmel's acting was great and he would like to think of himself as Ellen's savior. But this whole scene just resulted in one of the worst pranks on the show. Not good, Jimmy.

Number 1: Amy

Ellen had Amy visit a store where she was planning to unleash a prank on unsuspecting people, but things quickly took a bad turn. Well, this prank fails because it actually ends up appearing serious to everyone around. In fact, someone almost called emergency services. Ellen had asked Amy to visit a store and engage in small talk with the salesperson. Some moments later Ellen asked Amy to fall asleep while standing. As if not enough, Amy fell to the ground at Ellen's command. Immediately, the people got around to help her. The people in the store thought something was actually wrong with her and weew starting to worry. Finally, Ellen instructed Amy to get up to ease the tension. As Amy opened her eyes after Ellen's instructions.

Even Ellen expressed her regrets concerning how the whole prank went down.

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